How to make your room attractive with spring wall art ideas in 2023
Photo featuring plane flying between palm trees through blue skies hangs above bed in bedroom decorated in neutral and grey.

Create a restorative space with relaxed yet elevated spring wall art. 

Living room wall art canvas -With the warmer weather and longer days, you have a renewed sense of hope, joy, and creativity. 

Which means, it’s time to throw open the curtains and refresh your décor to bring the lightness and optimism of spring into your home. 

The decorating theme for Spring 2023 is creating restorative spaces

Because it’s no secret that these past few years have taken an extreme toll on your mental and physical health. 

But when you decorate your home for spring in a way that feels safe and comfortable, you are able to embrace life with a renewed sense of optimism and hope for the future. 

So let’s get into it!

Two light sage green and white minimal pieces of art hang side by side on sage green wall above white couch in living room.

What are the top wall art trends for spring 2023?

These 5 trends in wall art for spring 2023 will help you create a restorative space that is both relaxed and elevated:

  1. Muted Color Palettes
  2. Soft Curved Shapes
  3. Minimalism
  4. Landscapes
  5. Touches of Luxury

By incorporating these trends into your home décor, you will infuse your space with the essence of spring and create a home that inspires joy, rejuvenation, and creativity. 

Whether you are looking for a complete design overhaul or just a few new accent pieces, these trends will help you create a springtime sanctuary that will lift your spirits and soothe your soul.

Spring Wall Art 2023 Wall Art Trends

Trend No. 01 Muted Color Palettes

Large pastel abstract painting hangs above tan couch decorated with pink throw pillows and blankets in feminine living room.

Soft or muted color palettes evoke a sense of calm, comfort, and sophistication. When decorating for spring 2023 with the intention of creating a restorative space, choose wall art in pastels or muted tones. This makes your home feel relaxing and tranquil. Plus it adds an understated elegance often found in high-end design.

Spring 2023 Wall Art Color Crush: Blush

Large horizontal abstract blush pink and neutral painting hangs on white wall in home office above a desk.

We’re predicting that Blush is going to be one of the most popular muted colors used while decorating in Spring 2023. 

Blush – pale pink with warm undertones – creates a sense of calmness and serenity. It’s ideal for decorating in spaces where relaxation and restoration are the main focus.

Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023 is Viva Magenta. This bright shade of pink is lively, energetic, and stimulating. But her distant sister, Blush, is much softer and gentler. It’s the perfect, trending wall art color to decorate with this spring. 

Say Goodbye to Sad Beige

Large horizontal abstract wall art in tans and oranges hangs above set of chairs in living room.

For years the color trend has been all neutral, everything. 

While neutral colors are associated with calm and rejuvenation, the absence of any accent color in an entirely neutral color scheme creates a washed out look.

Coined “sad beige” by influencers, the all neutral color scheme has gone viral on Tik Tok as a decorating style to avoid. 

While it looks cohesive and elegant, the lack of color inadvertently increases the risk of feeling sad and hopeless. 

If you are realizing that you have a “sad beige” color scheme in your home, lighten your décor and bring more joy by accenting with wall art in soft or muted color palettes, such as blush.

Trend No. 02 Soft Curved Shapes

Minimalist tan and sage green wall art hangs on neutral wall in living room above sitting area.

Soft, curved shapes mimic the organic natural forms found in budding leaves and flowers. These gentle shapes are symbolic of growth, renewal, and new beginnings. Soft curved shapes in wall art promote a calm, soothing atmosphere – perfect décor for your restorative space this spring. 

Trend No. 03 Minimalism

square abstract minimal art featuring large yellow sphere on a white background hangs on white wall above kitchen table in dining room.

The simple shapes and clean lines of minimalist wall art create a sense of calm and order. This is important when decorating a space that gets cluttered quickly or has chaotic energy (like an entryway). As you create a restorative space this spring, minimalism artwork will bring balance and harmony to your home.

Trend No. 04 Landscapes

Square watercolor painting of Lake Michigan beach hangs on blue wall above a couch next to a side table adorned with vase filled with fluffy palm fronds.

From forests to mountains and beaches, the expansive natural scenes in landscape art are awe-inspiring. Whether it’s a painting, photo, or digital re-creation, landscapes create a sense of relaxation and tranquility. This stunning perspective promotes feelings of groundedness and harmony with the natural world, even when indoors.

Trend No. 05 Touches of Luxury

Vertical photo of car wheel featuring gold shiny rims hangs on neutral gray wall above a leather couch in a living room decorated for spring.

Whether it’s something gold, a plush pillow, or an extra large piece of wall art, touches of luxury help lift your spirits and make your space feel more special. As you emerge from a dark winter and focus on creating a restorative space, touches of luxurious décor can boost your self-esteem and confidence – making you feel more positive and empowered. Living room wall art canvas

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