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What is Maximalist Decorating Style?

Maximalist decorating flaunts anything bold, intricate, or ornate. It is characterized by an abundant use of colors, patterns, and textures. Your individuality and creativity are emphasized above all else. While some might say “over-the-top,” maximalist style firmly believes, “more is more.”

What is Minimalist Decorating Style?

Minimalist decorating is a style that values simplicity, functionality, and elegance. It is characterized by a neutral color palette, accented with simple shapes and clean lines. Minimalist decor focuses on essential elements, rather than decorative flourishes. It adopts a “less is more” mindset.

Not sure decorating style is best for you? Let’s figure it out!

If you believe “more is more,” you might be a maximalist. 

Maximalists tend to ignore rules and traditions in favor of expressing themselves and indulging in the present moment. They are known for “living life to the fullest.”

When styled tastefully, maximalist décor celebrates beauty in abundance and excess. It does not shy away from chaos, but embraces complexity as part of life. 

If you are someone who loves bold patterns, rich colors, and elaborate details then maximalist décor is the perfect fit for you.

If you think “less is more,” you might be a minimalist. 

Minimalists prioritize functionality and practicality over flair. They tend to focus on what brings them the most joy or purpose and then eliminate the excess. 

When decorating, minimalists are drawn to neutral colors or single tones. The aesthetic is simple, clean, with minimal patterns or distractions. 

If you strive to live a life that feels calm, orderly, and peaceful, then minimalist décor is the best style for you.

If you have to be in the spotlight, you might be a maximalist.

Despite the extreme variation in maximalist decorating styles based on personal preferences, one thing is true about every maximalist design – it’s unforgettable

Maximalist décor is bold. It’s loud and unexpected. Colorful. In-your-face. Impossible to ignore. 

Because maximalism isn’t about fitting in. It’s about standing out. You are proud of the things that set you apart – your unique interests, skills, and quirks – and you are excited to show them off to the world. 

If you want people to walk out of your house and non-stop talk about how different and astonishing your décor was, maximalist décor is the perfect style for you.

If you’d rather blend into the background, you might be a minimalist.

The essence of minimalist décor is simplicity and uniformity. If you search “minimalist décor” on Pinterest and scroll too quickly, all of the designs might start to blur together and look very similar. 

When you eliminate all of the clutter and unnecessary things, you are left with the bare essentials. Unsurprisingly, everyone’s “bare essentials” are basically the same. 

If blending in and creating a uniform look is important to you, then minimalist décor provides that sense of comfort and security. With a clean, organized, and uncluttered look, you’ll fit right in with the minimalist crowd. 

If you don’t care if your kids’ toys are scattered all over the living room, you might be a maximalist. 

The name of the game for maximalist décor – layering. 

If throw blankets, trinkets, and piles of pillows can count as decorative layers, the Legos your kid dumped on the rug or the dress up clothes they scattered across the living room can be considered “extra decorative texture” too.

Maximalism is all about expressing yourself, and your kid’s are a big part of your life. So it’s only fair that their favorite toys “enhance” your maximalist décor. 

Now this might feel like using maximalist décor as an excuse to not clean up after yourself or your kids. But the reality is, some of us are naturally more tidy than others.

If tidiness isn’t one of your strengths, take advantage of this awesome benefit of maximalism.

If clutter on the counter makes you anxious, you might be a minimalist. 

Marie Kondo’s famous phrase, “If it doesn’t spark joy – get rid of it!” has become the mantra for minimalists. 

Minimalists believe that by eliminating anything “extra” or “unnecessary” and keeping only the most important things you can achieve a greater sense of peace and purpose in your life. 

When walking into a space decorated with minimalist style, you are struck by how clean and organized it is. There are no piles of mail on the counter or mismatched shoes kicked off by the door. 

By eliminating clutter you reduce stress. Your minimalist environment becomes more calm and peaceful.

If your closet looks like a rainbow explosion, you might be a maximalist. 

Color is one of the most powerful ways to influence mood and energy. You know that if you walk into a room wearing cool blues, you will have a more calming presence. Or if you want to make a good first impression, you might wear warm yellows, which are welcoming. 

The same principles in fashion apply to interior design. 

Not only can color in interior design impact the energy of your space, it’s also one of the easiest design tools to enhance your aesthetic and make a memorable design. 

As a maximalist, you aren’t afraid of color. You love using color to add energy and life to your space. Color is also a fun way to express your individuality and creativity when decorating. 

By using a variety of hues, patterns, and textures, your maximalist décor is unique, eclectic and visually exciting.

If your closet consists of mainly one color, you might be a minimalist. 

One major benefit of minimalism is the ease of decision making when it comes to color – because you know that anything neutral is going to coordinate with your aesthetic. 

At the core, minimalists value simplicity, functionality, and a sense of calm. All are achieved with neutral colored décor. 

While minimalist color palettes can vary slightly from gray tones to creamy whites or darker tans, the goal is to simplify. Pick one or two neutral colors, and stick to them. 

By limiting the color, minimalists create a cohesive aesthetic that is simple yet stunning.

If you walk into a store and want to touch everything, you might be a maximalist. 

Maximalist décor is more than just a look. It’s an experience. Because maximalism is all about adding depth, interest, and richness to express yourself. 

By adding layers and utilizing different textures and materials you create a sensory experience that makes your home feel more expressive and dynamic. 

The act of touching and feeling different textures can evoke emotions, memories, and create a special connection to design elements in your home. 

As a maximalist, you want your home to look and feel unique. Adding layers of textures is an easy way to achieve that.

If your favorite store is Nordic Wall Art Canvas and you have an organization obsessed, you might be a minimalist. 

Organization and lack of clutter are key to achieving the minimalist aesthetic. With its sleek organization systems, The Container Store is truly a minimalist’s dream! 

Because as hard as you try to eliminate the unnecessary, you are still going to have to keep those things you only use once or twice a year – like birthday candles or spare keys. 

To maintain your sense of calm in your minimalist décor, you have organized every drawer and storage space in your house. Everything has a place. 

When you need that random button battery for your watch, you don’t have to dig through your kitchen junk drawer. You know exactly where it is. You can quickly grab it without having to stress. 

As a minimalist, you love the peace and calm confidence that comes with organization and functionality being central to your interior design.

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